4-Ways Powerboard with 2xUSB Outlets




Technical Specifications:
+ Power Input: 240V AC 10A (max.) 50Hz
+ Total USB Sockets Output: 2.1A Max. DC 5V
+ Power Handling: 2400 Watts (max.)
+ No. of outlet: 4
+ Cable Length: 1 meter

+ 2 x USB outlets
+ 4 x Mains outlets
+ Surge protection
+ Right angled mains plug
+ Overload protected
+ LED indicator light
+ Packing List: Clamshell Packing, 12/48

Includes 2 x USB outlets for charging and powering your USB devices without a PC! Features handy right angle plug, 1m power cord and the strip design can fit neatly behind furniture and office equipment.



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